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Buying or Selling?

Real Estate Agent

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Are you ready for a change? Entering a new season? 

Few things are as fun (or as stressful) as looking for a new home. Are you an adventuresome soul searching for your first place? Or maybe your family is bursting at the seams and you'd love to have some elbow room. Either way, it can be overwhelming!

Don't worry. Anne can help. 


Why Anne Curry

  • Awarded 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in Washington by Real Estate Executive Magazine

  • Experienced and dedicated team with a personal interest in you

  • Availability (seriously, she calls you back!)

  • 25+ years of Real Estate experience

  • Well-versed and responsive to the market


Hear real stories from real people


Boutique renovator

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253 Homes

Are you an HGTV junkie?  Love the magic of spaces being made new? 

Anne is a renovator at heart, specializing in the art of home restoration. She is skilled at taking what is, and seeing what could be. In fact, she's been known to transform whole neighborhoods at a time!

Now, here's the truly amazing thing. 253 Homes does it ALL. Beautiful homes throughout the city are hand-chosen, reimagined, and renewed. 

253 Homes is as easy as choosing which masterpiece is going to be your new home. 

It's like building your own home, without having to.

*253 Homes is not a for-hire remodeling entity*


the perks

  • Home found and prepped for you!

  • Home customization

  • Instant home equity

  • Less hassle than building


Seasoned investor

Investor Resource



Investment properties are not a venture for only the rich and privileged. Nor are they a get-rich quick scheme.  With years of investment experience, Anne offers expertise in consultation and project execution. 

Anne has pioneered one of the largest neighborhood remodels in Tacoma's history.  She has renovated 50 homes in under 3 years, breathing life back into a neighborhood in Tacoma's beautiful North End. Breath in that ocean air, Friends! You're home!



The gist of it

  • Opportunities for Seasoned Investors
  • Investment Consultation
  • Strategic Design
  • Property Acquisition 
  • Boutique Renovation