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Can we own a home? And then the practicals are we had just graduated from college, you have all of this student debt. And we had real student debt and were working several jobs. And combined income, on paper, we made a combined income of $29,000. And so when we were looking at the bottom line, and we were looking at our income, we were like, “How in the world can we ever make that house happen, and that dream happen, with what we have?”

And so I think it was, one, the information that we were exposed to because we had … There were a few friends in our life that were buying houses and they’re like, “Oh well you need $10,000 to buy a house,” and I just remember feeling like someone had snuffed out my dream because I’m like, “Well if we make $29,000 a year how long is it going to take us to save?”

Because we’re penny-pinching. And so then I will never forget the day that we sat down. And I think you need people. You need people that are willing to get you to go beyond your comfort level and what’s comfortable, and challenging your ideology and see like, “Well, hey, let’s just try.” It does not hurt to try. And so I remember we prayed at the table.

We were at the church, and we held hands and prayed. And we were like, “Let’s just see what the Lord does in this process.”

And so we fill out the application and we find out that, guess what, we got approved, pre-approved. We looked at a few more houses but still we were like, “This is the house.” And once we made that decision Anne looks at my wife and I, and says, “This is a great started home.” I’m like, “A good started home? What are you talking about? It’s a great started home?” I’m like, “No, we’re going to live here forever,” and you really challenged us to really think beyond that little small …

… and you begin to open our minds to the idea of investment. And so you said, “Well yeah, Antonio, it’s not that hard to invest in other properties. And you began to open our minds. And it was almost like there was a bomb that went off in my head. There was a light bulb and I’m like, “What are you even talking about? I have never heard about anything like this. I’ve never” … I mean, literally, my mom was the only one I knew that owned a home. And so all of a sudden this one conversation that we had, as we’re talking about spending the rest of our life in this little tiny house, literally sets us up to own multiple homes.
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