Tacoma Remodel Series: Holly Hedge House

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NEW Remodel Series | Holly Hedge | HGTV

Holly Hedge | Episode 2 | Anne Curry Homes

Welcome back to the Holly Hedge House. I wanted to give you a quick update. It’s been a couple of weeks since we did the last video, mostly focused on flooring, tile, and then we have the material for what’s going to be laid in the main body of the flooring. So this is going to go everywhere, everywhere, meaning kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, everywhere but the bathrooms. But I do want to show you the bathroom tile hasn’t been grouted yet but it’s so pretty. So I want to show it to you.

A lot of people ask, where do you come up with your ideas or the inspiration for the design part of it, when you’re picking colors and tiles and flooring and all that? Well, with this house, this old stone fireplace was existing. And I just loved all the colors in here. The grays. A little bit of browns. The kind of the bluey gray. So we played off of that with tiles and some of the other things. So I just kind of wanted to point that out.

So this is one of the master bedrooms. As you remember, there’s two master-bedroom suites in this house. And this tile is a huge marble. They call that a hexagon shape. But what I love about it is just inherent in the tile the variation of the browns and the bluey grays and the creamies, just like the stones in that fireplace. And then the corresponding subway style in the same marble. So this is the same as the floor but just in a different shape. And again, it picks up all the really pretty browns, bluey grays, creamies, and a little hint of black.

This is master bath number two. And in this one, we chose a large marble. It’s a rectangular, but it’s the real marble. And again, it has all the really pretty bluey gray and cream, and it’s going to, again, correlate with everything going on in the house. And then in this humongous shower, hello, stick the whole family in here, we just chose very simple, clean, white, huge subway. But then the floor, I’m so excited about this. When I found this tile, I was giddy excited. Am I even going to be able to show it to you? The big reveal as we pull up the tape. When I found this, I was so excited. In fact, I think I did a little thing on it on my story. I was really excited to find this. This is so pretty. I finally remembered where the other bathroom was. I get lost in here, but this is a little powder bathroom. And we just chose a block. They call it Nero Marquina. That is the technical name, and it’s really dirty, but when it’s all cleaned up, it’s really pretty. It’s a black marble with white and creamy veining in it.

Anyways, just a quick little update. Wanted to show you what was going on here at the Holly Hedge House.

For more information on how to design a house from common materials at your big box store, see our video that we did on shopping a home improvement store. We show you how to find the really pretty designer-type materials that you wouldn’t even know are there. So we walk you all the way through the store and show you how to pick out the best stuff out of all the stuff. So, see that video and we’ll see you back here at Holly Hedge in a couple weeks.

Holly Hedge | Episode 3 | UPDATE

We’re back in Lakewood at the Holly Hedge house. And it’s been a while since we’ve been here. So I want to update you on a few things.

All the hardwood floors are down. The tile is in the countertops, are on top of the counters, which have gone in. So let’s walk you around and show you what’s happening. The workers are here, so there’s some background noise, but we’re going to do our video, nonetheless. But let me show you the hardwood floor. It’s gorgeous. It’s a nice chocolatey brown, and the walls are all going to be kind of a creamy white. So it’s just going to be really pretty together. The cabinets are in the kitchen. They’re all installed. They were a custom cabinet. These are not your off the shelf, big box store cabinets. They’re beautiful with a really pretty edging inside here. And then they were custom painted our color, which is the perfect white.

And then we have the real Carrara countertops. I just love these. Let me talk about Carrara for a second. Carrara is a type of marble and it’s a real stone. It’s cut from the earth, so God made it and it’s all very unique. But what I love about it, this is a honed Carrara, meaning it doesn’t have the shine on it. And I just love how the Carrara ages over time. It’s real stone, so it’s porous, it’s gonna absorb anything that you put on it. And some people don’t like that. I love it. If you go into old European houses that have been there for two and three hundred years and they have Carrara, you’re going to see it kind of gets a yellowy patina almost, and it shows all the imperfections and it just ages so beautiful.

If you remember we opened the wall between the big family room, living room and the kitchen to make it bigger. And then we expanded the space a little bit by taking down some walls. But you know, you always start with a plan. So you, figure out what your space is going to be, and then a cabinet company or a kitchen designer will lay it all out to show where the cabinets are going to be. We decided since we had such a big space between these two walls to do a huge island. People are loving their big islands, this is what it looks like in real life. Look at how wide this is. It has an overhang here, so you can put bar stools, and I think you could fit at least four bar stools, which then the island almost becomes another kitchen table. Who doesn’t love to prop up and sit at an island while everybody else is working in the kitchen? But we did a double thickness of cabinet. So it actually made this island about six feet by about nine feet. So it’s almost huge, like another dining room table, which just is just so nice to have in a kitchen.

And then because we did custom cabinets, we were able to incorporate a little wine shelf here with the X, which is this kind of fun and whimsy. And then we’ll put glass inside all of these for a little bit of sparkle, and to show off some special kitchen items to make the kitchen even a little bit more interesting. We showed this before, but again, this is another view of how the kitchen relates to this huge living room. So we opened up all of this and now you have this grand living room. We really didn’t have to do much in here. It had the very cool pebble stone fireplace, that’s original. So that was already here, and then the really pretty millwork.

This is the dining room, which is, I just love this type of detail. This trim work, the smooth work through here. And then this special room right here that has these French doors that lead out to a huge aggregate patio. And then the water, the lake is right over there.

This house has two master suites, and we’re in one of them. So the cabinets, the vanities have gone in here. The tile work was already done, but vanity and counter top are in, and next will be all the plumbing fixtures and everything else finishes off. The little powder bath took a little creativity in how we figured out the vanity in here, because in able for the door to open, we had to do a little notch. I think it gives kind of a custom look. The vanity is black. We’ve got the black Nero Marquina tile, and then a lighter countertop. When it all comes together it’s just going to be very expensive-looking. And I think powder rooms, you can get away with doing a darker color or more intense color. I’ve seen yellow powder rooms, I’ve seen powder rooms painted like a bright green, so you can have some fun in powder rooms ’cause they’re a little tiny room and they can be a little whimsical. It’s giving you a little bit bigger picture of what the floors are going to look like. Again, they’re a very pretty chocolate brown and we did a little bit wider plank. The reason we did a wider plank is because the house is close to the water and it kind of has a vacation feel. And I just felt like the wider plank was a little bit more casual without being too formal. And this is a very pretty detailed house and it could go too formal, but it’s close to the water so we want it to be a little more casual.

This is a second master suite and I am just so excited about the tile on the floor. I know we showed it to you on the last update, but now the vanity is in, the black vanity. It really picks up all the hints of black in this cool, real marble. This is another real marble. And it has big hexagon style and then the countertops are on and there’s a little bit of hints of gold throughout this real marble, and there’s little hints of gold running-throughout on the countertop. And so it relates well and all the hardware in here is going to be gold. So it’s going to pick up more of that gold and there’s really undertones of it in the countertop as well. And in the shower, it’s a smaller hexagon, same marble, and then a subway tile of the same marble. It’s just so rich. And I love just the warmth against the cool. So the mix is just so pretty and really, really, really rich.

We’re upstairs. There’s three bedrooms up here. This is the main bath, and we’re having a little fun with some color because we can, it’s upstairs. And so we did a blue vanity and this is not real marble on the floor because we always assume that upstairs there might be some kids, maybe not. But we want it to be a little bit more usable user-friendly. But we did pop some blue in here. And just for some fun, again, we’re close to the lake, we’re close to the water. And so we wanted to relate a little bit of blue in here. Here’s the tub with the subway tile.

The heat in this house comes from a radiator, some people don’t really know how those work. There’s a huge boiler down in the basement and it actually uses warm water to heat the house. I’ve never had radiant heat in my homes, but people just love the warm air. It’s almost like feeling that warmth with the moisture. You know how it just makes you feel warmer, if you’re in Hawaii, you get that warm air with the moisture. And that’s what that feels like.

So these, you probably, maybe have only seen them at Spaghetti Factory, but this house actually is full of them. We’ve taken them apart, removed them, we’re going to paint them all up, but this is what the fitting looks like. And once they’re all cleaned up, painted, we’re going to put them back together. And they’re going to work perfect.

On the outside everything’s been painted, we’re cleaning the roof this week, ’cause it’s that old tile roof, and it’s got some old moss. So that’s going to happen this week. But one thing I have to solve and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do it. This is the original porch, and it had gotten broken, not by us. It’s probably been broken for a long time. I don’t know where we’re going to match this material because this was probably put down in the 1950s, when this house was remodeled. I don’t know what we’re going to do. I got to figure it out though, because it runs all the way through this porch and into the foyer and up the stairs. So I don’t know, I got to get creative.

Thanks for visiting again at the Holly Hedge house, more to come. And click here to see all the episodes of our last remodel, the Stevens Street house, the historic house in North Tacoma, it’s remarkable. You won’t want to miss any of those episodes either.

Holly Hedge Lakewood Home Remodel | Episode 4

Welcome back to the Holly Hedge House. It’s almost done. We’re down to the last 1%, but I wanted to give you an update.

Do you remember the problem that we had before? We had these gaping gaps in this old pebble patio here, and we literally had big pieces of this that was missing. Well, we were able to find some of the materials left in the garage. I mean, this stuff is old. This has been down here for a long time, so we were just so fortunate to find the pieces and the way that my guys were able to patch it in, you can’t even tell that we had an original problem. We’re thrilled about that, but I’m gonna take you inside and I’ll show you what’s been going on.

There’s a lot of strategy that goes into restoring these old houses, especially these really special ones that date years and years and years back. And part of that is what to keep and what not to keep? Well, this was built when the house was built and this is just, all this stuff is so special. I mean, look at these brass plates, look at these little detail, this rosette detail, you could never replicate all of this again or it would take a true craftsman, I should say. So we kept all of it. And then we took some special cleaner and we cleaned it all up. So we’re thrilled with how that turned out.

We decided to leave the old pebble. We’ve talked about that before, because that hearkens back to the age and the era and then we blended it all with all of the new. All of the floors are down, this is engineered hardwood, but they turned out beautiful. I brought some people over the other night and they thought it was real hardwood. We are so thrilled with how that turned out. It’s the beautiful chest-nutty brown that looks like real wood and we went with larger planks, meaning the planks are about six inches wide and that makes the house feel a little bit more on the casual formal side, not super formal, cause this is a lake house and we don’t want it to feel too stuffy and too formal. It’s those kind of little details.

And then they were awestruck to see the original stone fireplace. They thought that we had installed that. But no, that was already here. We’ve talked about that on other videos but just when you put all the new stuff around it, it makes the old stuff look so much better. We are so happy with how all this turned out.

My favorite is how we opened up the living room to the kitchen. This wall was completely walled off so you couldn’t see the kitchen at all. We redesigned the spaces of the kitchen, the old kitchen wrapped kind of that way and around this wall but we opened it up and we have this huge, beautiful island. And then even the little detail of this ogee edge on the real Carrara and then the real Carrara back splash. And again, what I love about natural stone is you have all the veining, and I mean, God created that, man would have a really hard time replicating the real natural marble and all the different color ways that come with this marble being sliced and diced, different pieces of marble sliced and diced and it has all those beautiful color ways. All the hardware’s on. So the kitchen is done.

Again, what to keep, what not to keep? I mean, look at this cool trim. It’s just so beefy. You’d have a hard time just finding this off the shelf. That was already here, kept it of course, but look at how cool this profile is with the little piece of trim that we ended up adding. And then we kept all the trim between the living room and the dining room. But again, look at all that craftsmanship. This is called Picture Frame and they build it out on the sides and then they put this, it’s kind of a sort, almost like a crown inside but it’s got this beefy ogee edge and it just makes it feel very craftsman like, so we kept all that. And then all the pretty trim above that ledge and all the beautiful trim around all the windows. So again, you know, you’re deciding what to keep between the old house and what to take out, what not to take out, but it all has to in the end, all blend together.

Do you remember the Cary Grant room? Well, it’s pretty much done. What we did in here was, obviously we cleaned it all up, the old wallpaper we ended up not being able to keep that on the ceiling because one of the skylights was leaking and we had a leak come through. We ended up just painting it kind of a flat black, but, like, do you remember these cool doors? These are like my favorite. This is, like all this hardware on here and I’m not kidding you, these door handles are still my favorite. And then the little bar area. If you remember, we kind of kept a lot of the cabinets.

We redesigned it so that it would have an ice maker and a little fridge, and then we put some real Nero Marquina, which is a black hexagon tile on the floor. We redid the glass that was up here was super dated. So again, keeping some of it and then you know, redoing some of it, but this is great, a great little spot. In other videos we’ve talked about how the powder room you can just have some fun with.

We took this little tiny space and we wanted to add some spunk or I call it to the bathroom. So we added this cool black tile with the gold Schluter all the way from the countertop up there, added the gold mirror to pull it all in, the gold hardware and then this little cabinet had to be custom made because if it had came all the way down you wouldn’t be able to open the door. That’s how you take care of that. If you end up with a tiny little bathroom, sometimes you have to go custom on your fixtures but it turned out cute and it’s fun and it’s a little dramatic in a little tiny space.

There’s two master suites in this house. This is the first one and it actually has a view of the lake over there but this whole space was really, really the original space was really funky. It had a hallway with a bathroom, just the toilet. It had a separate doorway to a closet and a separate doorway to where the sinks and the shower were. We took all that out. We reconfigured it and this is what we came up with, a real master suite bathroom with a cool oval soaking tub right underneath the window, and then a double vanity, big double vanity and then just the really pretty tile, the hexagon, the real marble and then ruling that all the way up until the shower. But I just love the gold hardware, the gold accents, and then just how all of it, all the natural marble, all the variations in color, it just makes it feel very organic but also very glamorous and very expensive looking.

This is master bedroom number two and this one actually has that cool little fireplace. We didn’t really do much to it. It’s got that neat little detail, we just left it. We closed off a few of the doors to this room, it had too many entrances. We closed those off, now we just have one main entrance but it makes for a big master bedroom so you could put a huge bed. You still have room for all the furniture that people love to have. And then again, we opened up some of these rooms to make more of a master suite. It goes all the way down the hallway there, but you’ve got a closet for one person with a washer and dryer. The reason we added the washer and dryer to the one of the masters is because the main washer and dryer is downstairs. Everybody likes to have at least one option on the main floor, so it made sense just to pop it in there, just a little mini and then the bathroom in here turned out so pretty. Again, we’re just kind of finishing up some of the details.

You’re still going to see some materials around, but I love how the tile just works with the kinda cool pebble tile, again, going for kind of a lake house but on the upscale expensive glamorous. And I love just the way we’ve got the black details mixed with the polished nickel. It’s okay to mix your metals, so don’t let anybody tell you it’s not okay to mix your metals. It actually makes it a little bit more interesting. Gives everything just a little bit more of a pop.

These are actually the original stair treads and we stained them to match the new floor. It turned out great. The three bedrooms that we had basically, we kept them in the same location but they were all full of wallpaper. I don’t know if you remember, but we stripped all the wallpaper down and then we put some new texture up and now it’s all pristine and feels new, but still has the character of like the old doors with the glass in the cool trim again.

We did redo the bathroom, of course, ripped it all out, and this is the results of the end product because it was upstairs and we thought we could just have some fun with color. It’s a lake house so we brought some blue cabinet in just to you know, kind of mix it up a little bit and then paired it with more of the Carrara, real classic Carrara and then polished nickel hardware just for a little bit of sparkle. A brand new tub, big subway tile, and then a little bit of storage over here for a laundry basket, whatever. You know, because it’s a classic old house we wanted to pick hardware that’s classic. We found these knobs. So this little built-in was existing we just added the hardware to it. When you’ve got an old house and you have some old doorknobs and you got to mix it with new, I mean the glass rosette is very classic in these old houses. So we found those, love them because they’re super sparkly but they’re also very classic and this is the other little bedroom and it’s cute because it’s got this is fun, old little built-ins and closets and all these little nooks and crannies make these old houses just kind of a little bit of a mystery and also just kind of has those special little details.

This is the heating system. It’s an old radiator. I know, it looks like it came out of Spaghetti Factory. A lot of them weren’t working so we took them all apart. We rebuilt them and then we spray painted them but this kind of heat is, it’s the main unit is a boiler and it heats up hot water and so the heat that comes out of these radiators is very moist and warm, kind of like if you’ve ever been to a tropical island and they’ve got that nice warm heat. So the heat that comes out of it is just like probably my favorite type of heat ’cause it’s very warm and moist versus warm and dry.

So down to the last 10%. Next is cleaning and staging the little punch items in the next video you see, it’s all gonna be staged out and you’re gonna see the complete products. And I cannot wait to see this place full of furniture and have it all pulled together. Until next time!

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