Tacoma Remodel Series: Holly Hedge House

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NEW Remodel Series | Holly Hedge | HGTV

Holly Hedge | Episode 2 | Anne Curry Homes

Welcome back to the Holly Hedge House. I wanted to give you a quick update. It’s been a couple of weeks since we did the last video, mostly focused on flooring, tile, and then we have the material for what’s going to be laid in the main body of the flooring. So this is going to go everywhere, everywhere, meaning kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, everywhere but the bathrooms. But I do want to show you the bathroom tile hasn’t been grouted yet but it’s so pretty. So I want to show it to you.

A lot of people ask, where do you come up with your ideas or the inspiration for the design part of it, when you’re picking colors and tiles and flooring and all that? Well, with this house, this old stone fireplace was existing. And I just loved all the colors in here. The grays. A little bit of browns. The kind of the bluey gray. So we played off of that with tiles and some of the other things. So I just kind of wanted to point that out.

So this is one of the master bedrooms. As you remember, there’s two master-bedroom suites in this house. And this tile is a huge marble. They call that a hexagon shape. But what I love about it is just inherent in the tile the variation of the browns and the bluey grays and the creamies, just like the stones in that fireplace. And then the corresponding subway style in the same marble. So this is the same as the floor but just in a different shape. And again, it picks up all the really pretty browns, bluey grays, creamies, and a little hint of black.

This is master bath number two. And in this one, we chose a large marble. It’s a rectangular, but it’s the real marble. And again, it has all the really pretty bluey gray and cream, and it’s going to, again, correlate with everything going on in the house. And then in this humongous shower, hello, stick the whole family in here, we just chose very simple, clean, white, huge subway. But then the floor, I’m so excited about this. When I found this tile, I was giddy excited. Am I even going to be able to show it to you? The big reveal as we pull up the tape. When I found this, I was so excited. In fact, I think I did a little thing on it on my story. I was really excited to find this. This is so pretty. I finally remembered where the other bathroom was. I get lost in here, but this is a little powder bathroom. And we just chose a block. They call it Nero Marquina. That is the technical name, and it’s really dirty, but when it’s all cleaned up, it’s really pretty. It’s a black marble with white and creamy veining in it.

Anyways, just a quick little update. Wanted to show you what was going on here at the Holly Hedge House.

For more information on how to design a house from common materials at your big box store, see our video that we did on shopping a home improvement store. We show you how to find the really pretty designer-type materials that you wouldn’t even know are there. So we walk you all the way through the store and show you how to pick out the best stuff out of all the stuff. So, see that video and we’ll see you back here at Holly Hedge in a couple weeks.

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