Tacoma Dog Parks You Have To Visit!

Anne Curry Homes | Top Dog Parks In Tacoma

Dog parks are the key to having a great summer. And I brought with me, my friends and their little pups. We’re going to show you the top three dog parks in Tacoma. And right now we are at Point Defiance Park. This is probably the best. We should have probably saved it for the last. But I think this is the best dog park in all of Tacoma. And we’re going to go have some fun.

We’re now in the east side of Tacoma or Rogers Park on East L Street. We’re making our way around Tacoma. But I wanted to introduce my little doggy friends. This is little Rodeo and her little mama. Do you think it’s a coincidence that their hair is the same color? And this is little Kona. He’s like one of the Hawaii Islands.

And for our third dog park, we’re in the south end of Tacoma at Wapato Park. And this place is a hidden gem. So we’re going to have fun with the south side dogs.
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