Selling Your Tacoma Home… First Steps

Selling Your Home First Steps ... 3 Simple Ways To DECLUTTER -

So much to do to get your house ready for sale, but there’s one that is going to be your first step. So the very first step out of all the things to do is to declutter. I like to say there’s three things under declutter. First, throw away, throw away anything you don’t want to keep. The second is give away. There are some things that could be donated, gifted, somebody else would love to have them. And then the third thing is put it away. It’s okay to box it all up. You’re going to need to move anyways. So let’s just put it away, box it up, put it in a garage or a storage unit. And then you’re going to be so much more ready to sell. Then we can start staging and going onto the next steps, but that is going to be the very first thing to do. Go ahead and click or give us a call. I’d love to help you walk through your home and help you decide what to throw away, give away, or put away.

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