Move To Tacoma – Why Live In Tacoma?

Thinking of moving to Tacoma, but contemplating if it’s the right stop for you? Tacoma is far less expensive than Seattle, yet its just 45 minutes away. From business and entertainment to art and scenic views- Tacoma has it all! Watch this video to find out why you might want to live in Tacoma. We would be more than happy in assisting you in the moving to Tacoma process- We are here to help! Click the video below to watch or read the blog post below.

Anne Curry Homes | Move to Tacoma- WHY LIVE HERE?

Why live in Tacoma? Well, if you’ve ever asked yourself that question, first of all, I would say, you definitely want to move to Tacoma. One of the reasons is look behind me at all this beautiful water. I know you can see the trees, but the water just goes on for miles. Tacoma is like the shape of a thumb, and this is Tacoma. We have water on all three sides. You can go a few miles that way and find water, two miles that way, find water, a few miles that way and find water. There’s water everywhere here.

We’re also about 40% more affordable then our large city next door, Seattle. We also have all these beautiful historic homes around us. We also have new construction. If you wanted something newer or something older, Tacoma has it all. Lots of culture here, we’re also a port city. We have a lot of workers here. We have industry. We have a freight train that comes to and from, it carries goods and services out. There’s just a lot happening here. We also have pretty temperate weather. People think it rains a lot and it does, but if you love rain, you want to move to Tacoma. But we also have days like this, where it’s bright and sunny. We’re at the cusp of our spring. Our most beautiful season of all is our summertime. It tends to be around 80 degrees. Again, you have all this water, so you can enjoy water sports and being on lakes and being on bays and being behind a boat.

Tacoma, there’s just such a special place. We’ve helped lots of people move from other states or other cities to Tacoma. They always come back and say, “Thank you. Where has Tacoma been my whole life?” It’s just a special little nugget that until you get here, you don’t really know what you’re missing. If you’ve been thinking about moving to Tacoma, we want you here. We will help you, and just make the move. You won’t be sorry.

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