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Home Types Found in Tacoma
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You can find many styles of homes for sale in Tacoma, Washington. There’s old historic homes for sale in Tacoma, new construction homes for sale and Tacoma. The older style, like the Craftsman-style home for sale in Tacoma. Every town has its own flavor. Some towns you go to, and all of the homes are newer, because it’s starting to be built up newer, some of the outlining areas in Tacoma. Because Tacoma was founded in the late 1800s, a lot of our houses are older and the people here really value and appreciate these older homes, the historic neighborhoods. There’s a favorite style called the Craftsman with the overhanging porch and all the beautiful, very custom-style trim that goes along with the Craftsman-style home.

We have some new construction, yes, although that’s going to be more in the outlining areas or maybe there is a one off-lot and a neighborhood that had never been built time and there is some new newer construction. However, if you’re going to drive the streets of Tacoma, your more going to see the older style house, anywhere from the late 1800s up to, well, just depends on what you consider to be older, but into the 1960s and ’70s. But there is a lot here to choose from, and it really depends on your own personal style.

I love the variety of all the older homes and there’s a lot of shows now that show renovating older homes, and we see a lot of that going on here. Contractors, investors are buying these older gems and they’re bringing them back to life. There’s full neighborhoods full of these older homes, and I’ve seen, I’ve lived in Tacoma my whole life, so over 50 years here and I’ve watched the transition of all these old neighborhoods where, man, it was just every house was getting older and maybe dilapidated, but now we’re seeing the renovation of all of that going on in these homes being brought back to life and breathing new life into them, but keeping the character. So it really depends on your own personal taste.

What do you like to see in a house? I’m sure we can find what you’re looking for here, but if you’re looking for that older-style home, that historic-style home, Tacoma is your place to be. We’re surrounded by it and it makes Tacoma what it is, part of that history and the old craftsmanship. Love to see it. So that’s Tacoma or part of Tacoma.

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