FALL In Love With Old Town Tacoma Today

Fall In Love with Old Town Tacoma Today

Fall in love with Old Town Tacoma today. If you are in Tacoma, you must go to these three spots. I’m gonna share ’em with you today on today’s video.

  1. Spot number one that you must visit when you’re in Tacoma is Cosmonaut Coffee, right across the street from Wright Park Tacoma. You must come taste their latte, our favorite. In fact, my husband and daughter come here almost every single morning. You might have to stand in line. They take their time, because every coffee is like an art form. But it’s worth the wait, so you must try it. The best coffee in Tacoma!
  2. Wright Park today is this beautiful little Oasis, really close to downtown. And it’s got these beautiful trees, paths that you can walk water fountains with a little manmade lake. What I love about it though, one of my favorite parts is these little, these old statues, but it’s just right here close to old town, close to stadium, right across the street from Cosmonauts. So get your coffee, come over here, walk the paths. They’ve got a dog area. They’ve got a kids’ play area, but it’s just a nice little spot, that’s like right in the middle of everything. You might even be able to find some Wright Park history in the Stadium District too!
  3. Another reason to fall in love with North Tacoma is Stadium High School in the Stadium District. This is my Alma mater people. This is where I went to school from 10th grade to 12th grade. But look at this place. It is amazing. And North Tacoma is known for Stadium High School in the Stadium District. So here in North Tacoma, and you want to visit one of like iconic places, you must come look at this beautiful building. When I went to high school here, I was actually on student council. And one of the big benefits of being on student council is that the principal of the school would take us up into those peaks up there. I mean what do you even call that? But they called it the archives and that’s where they kept all the stadium memorabilia. And he would take us up there and we’d be able to run it around. And then a few of us actually got to get up on the roof of this building. And that’s really the only reason why I wanted to be a student council I mean why wouldn’t you? The stadium bowl is the most famous. I think it’s been in a few movies, but look at this. It’s got, it’s crazy views of the water. I mean, today is a beautiful day. Look at it, this beautiful fall day, but people do run those stairs, but in order to get down there, you have to hop the fence. So it’s quite the adventure, but I’ve run those stairs. It’s a great form of exercise. You could do it with a group, but I’m not promoting it in this video because technically you’re not supposed to!
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