Best Holiday Drinks 2021

Where To Get Your Holiday Drinks In Tacoma

We’re on Center Street at Wide Awake, a walk up and drive through little coffee shop in Tacoma that you have to come see. This place is so special. They have drinks, they have menu items, and it’s a hotspot for your holiday drink. Our holiday drinks are eggnog latte, maple chai, peppermint bark hot chocolate, and a vanilla bean pumpkin.

Number two spot for your seasonal coffee drinks is Karina’s Bakery. Now, I want to warn you ahead of time, just the smell from a block away was pulling me to this place. And I’m pretty sure that you’re not just gonna get a seasonal coffee drink, but you’re gonna end up with a sweet treat, as well ’cause of the smells are just waffling out. It’s amazing.

Number three spot to get your seasonal coffee drink is Cosmonaut Coffee down here by Wright Park. You can get a peppermint latte. You can get an eggnog latte and lots of other seasonal coffee drinks, but there’s lots of great coffee shops around Tacoma. We just wanted to show you three, but get out there, have fun. This is a time to have those seasonal coffee drinks that I know you’re all craving for, so enjoy. These are the best holiday drinks 2021!

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