At Home Workout Plan Without Equipment!!

At Home Workout Plan Without Equipment! //015
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Anne Curry: Well, hey everybody, I’m so excited. I’ve got my favorite health and fitness girl with me, Stacy Rody. She’s a mom and an online fitness coach and health coach. And Stacy, I want to talk about and I want to introduce you and you can talk about your story on how you got started with health and fitness, because you do have a story on how you entered in. But everybody’s at home, we’re in our little boxes, stay-at-home order’s still in place and gyms aren’t open. And so I want you to give us five tips on how to stay healthy during this stay-at-home order. Okay. So why don’t you introduce yourself and talk a little bit about your story.

Stacy Rody: Okay. Thanks, Anne. I appreciate it. It’s such an honor to be here. I adore you. So yeah, my name’s Stacy and I honestly just was kind of at my wit’s end. I had two small babies and realized that the gym was not going to work for me and so I had to find something from home, which we’re all at home right now, to work with the schedule of my family, to work around those pockets of time that I have. And so I just knew that if I didn’t jump into a system at that point when my children were young, I would most likely lose myself. So something that was for me has turned into a passion to help other moms, other women find their place in it, feel good in their skin and have success with it. Because I think when you’re home, it’s so easy to do the laundry, do the dishes, get distracted, check your phone.

And so my tips today are just going to hopefully help whoever needs help. I definitely find that my personality needs a plan. So that’s why this works so well for me to have a set plan and really, yeah, just do it. You know what I mean? How do you just do it? Like Nike. So my best tips, I’d say, I thought of them quickly today because my husband and I wake up at 4:15 every morning. Now, we’re crazy. We go walking and we do the workouts from home and we just feel better than we’ve ever felt in our forties than we did when we were younger and that has a lot to do with habits. And so for me, do you want me just to go right into the tips?

Anne Curry: That’d be great. Yeah, please.

Stacy Rody: And I mean, I’m someone who, I need a little structure. So the first thing that I did was I decided. I think tip one is just decide. Make a decision, your actions are going to follow that decision. It’s kind of like setting your priorities in your life. When you set those priorities, you are going to line up all your decisions with those top priorities in your life. And so if that is to keep your cardio health up, to keep your veggie life healthy and eat those veggies, eat that salad today, keep the doctor away type of thing, you just need to decide and then your actions need to follow that. The second reason that I think helped me stay so consistent was really finding that why. So why did I want to be healthy? Why did I want to do my workouts and eat healthier and stick to that consistent schedule?

And it really comes down to just my kiddos, my husband, those people around me that I love. It’s not always a number on the scale, it’s usually just those healthy habits that become safeguards so that you can know that what you’re doing in a day is benefiting you for years to come. And that can bring tears to your eyes when you think of that why. And it can be deep and it can be something like a disease in your family that you don’t want to get, or you’ve seen things happen to your loved ones and you don’t want your loved ones to maybe see that happen to you, and lots of different examples. So that’s kind of a big motivator. And then the third tip quickly is realizing that motivation isn’t always your best friend, because most of the time when you make that decision, when you actually need to go and do the thing, you don’t ever feel like doing it.

So not everyone is super motivated, it’s more of a discipline. There’s a book that I read called The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. Have you read that one yet?

Anne Curry: Yeah. I love that book.

Stacy Rody: I love it. I’d countdown like five, four, three, two, one, just do it [inaudible 00:04:24] rocket ship, right? You just take off. So whether it’s setting your alarm in the morning and getting out of bed before your kiddos are awake and getting it done while the house is quiet and dark out and all those things, you just kind of have to count down, just put your phone on the other side of the room and roll yourself out of bed and get it done because, yeah, it’s usually not motivation at 4:15 in the morning, it’s just sheer, I’m in the military, this is discipline. If I don’t get it done now, my day is worse because I’m going to have to juggle kiddos in school and I would rather just not have to juggle those things and let my workout go to the wayside. I’d rather get it done and feel accomplished.

You know that, because I think you’re an early morning workout.

Anne Curry: Yeah.

Stacy Rody: Yeah. Okay. So my fourth tip is to set a plan. So whether you are searching workouts on YouTube or you have a membership to something where you can stream the workouts right on calendar or print out the calendar that came with that program and check the boxes off, so you feel accomplished. Because if you’re a mom especially, the laundry is never done, the dishes are never done, but you can check that box and feel done, and that is magical.

Anne Curry: It feels good.

Stacy Rody: It feels so good. And then the fifth tip I have is just tell someone that you care about. Really just tell your spouse, tell your mom, call your sister, do it with someone and tell someone that like, hey, you know what? I’d really love to have pizza and beer with you tonight, but my pants don’t fit anymore. So I’m going to eat this, or you do have that cheat meal that you enjoy and you have enough good going for you that you can have that 20% of yumminess that you like to have, whatever it is that you like to eat. But if you are honest and open with your people and you’re accountable to them, that’s why it’s so fun to be an online health and fitness coach because I get to help my girls and be like, I get it, I know. I struggle just as much as anyone else, but we have each other and that’s just what you need, are those people to back. And when-

Anne Curry: Accountability is so important.

Stacy Rody: I know. When you speak it out, it becomes more real and you’re like, I committed. Shoot, now I can’t go back on it.

Anne Curry: Those are great tips and a lot of that has to do with really the thoughtful part of it that isn’t active, but making a plan, making a commitment, just saying to yourself, I’m going to do it, no matter what, is all that kind of thoughtfulness that goes in before you even start. So after they make a plan, so we’re back to stay at home, we’re in our little box, what kind of equipment does somebody need, let’s say, they don’t work out. They want to work out, they’ve made the plan. Are there a few pieces of equipment that are really helpful to make a home gym? Whether it’s in your living room, in your office, in an extra bedroom, in your basement, in your garage, even in your yard.

Stacy Rody: Totally, yeah. And I feel like a lot of workouts nowadays especially, they’re a lot of body weight exercises or HIIT training. So you’re doing more high-intensity interval training where you can use your own body to sculpt your body. So I would say a really good yoga mat because the $15 TJ Maxx one might annoy the heck out of you because it’s constantly going to move and your feet are getting it stuck on it. So I got a really nice thick yoga mat that feels like a great foundation. You can throw it in the driveway if you want to work out outside or have it in any room of your house. So I bought the Lululemon one years back and they had an extra long one. There was a little more, but my husband’s 6’7. So I was like, oh, he’ll like that. So I would invest in a good yoga mat.

Those Bowflex weights or the Nautilus weights where you can turn and make them go from, I believe it’s five pounds to 52 and a half pounds, depending on the brand. And those are great because you just keep them right in the room and you can easily transport them, if you can carry the 52 and a half somewhere. And you can just twist it and if you don’t want to do 10 pounds, you could do 12 and a half pounds or seven and a half pounds. And that’s-

Anne Curry: Those are great. And you can’t find them online right now. So you can’t find them on Amazon, but you can find them on OfferUp. So that would be my tip, go to OfferUp and buy them used because they’re just not available.

Stacy Rody: I know. Or Facebook Marketplace apparently is the spot. And I always check there. Oh, I love it. Yeah.

Anne Curry: [crosstalk 00:09:04] the mat and the adjustable dumbbells, is there anything else that you’d [inaudible 00:09:08]?

Stacy Rody: Well, in the door, I’m looking at my doorframe, you can get a pull up bar for your doorframe if you have the right spot for it. I love the loops that can go around your thighs, your ankles. You can do lateral squats with the loops around your legs and get that extra little oomph in there. Or ankle weights, you can go walking around town with ankle weights on, you can make dinner with ankle weights on and kick your leg back and get a little…

Anne Curry: There you go. And all of those don’t cost a whole lot. So if you’re on a budget and you’re trying to put together a quick home gym that you can get some good workout, all of those are fairly inexpensive. So let’s say they make a plan, they want to invest maybe $100 into a few things to get at home, then they need to know what to do. So are there good workouts on YouTube? I mean, could you type in body weight exercise on YouTube and do you know of any really good ones that you could recommend?

Stacy Rody: I’ve never searched YouTube for, but a lot of my friends have. And so yeah, I would search YouTube. I use Beachbody On Demand so it’s got lots of different trainers, lots of different programs. I did a 10 minute cardio today with my step that I had, which I wouldn’t recommend getting a step. Not a lot of people need that unless you love step aerobics. But I don’t know. I think there’s some other ones I’ve seen on Instagram, but I don’t know the exact name that you can stream. So I would maybe just Google, how can I stream workouts? Or you can always message me and I can help you find the Beachbody On Demand, then you get plugged in to a community and you’ve got a lot at your fingertips.

Anne Curry: Yeah. And that’s your expertise. So you’re really great at working one-on-one with people starting from where they’re starting. From either, I’ve never done anything before, to, I am a workout queen and I just miss my gym. And you can help them just start wherever they’re at and help them find their workouts, help them even with the nutrition side and then get them into a community that has that accountability. It has the plan. It has everything that we’ve talked about. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but you’re the go-to girl for anyone that just says, okay, I need a little help. And we all need help. It’s a different season. I’m missing my gym big time and I came straight to you and I’m like, okay, Stacy, how do I stay fit and healthy without my gym? Because that’s a whole new curve and you’ve been so helpful.

And I’m so thankful that you came on and just gave some people some tips on how to stay healthy when we’re in our box. So thank you so much. Do you have any closing words?

Stacy Rody: You are so welcome. Thank you, thank you. I just say, you can do it. Just set your mind to it and you can do it. I don’t know. I just believe that we’re meant to work hard. Our bodies are meant to work and I think that when we tap into like, no, I can have discipline. I have self control, I can do this, then you can really empower yourself to do great things.

Anne Curry: So good. We’ll help connect people to you, Stacy. Thank you so much. You’re the best.

Stacy Rody: Have the best weekend. Bye.

Anne Curry: Thanks. Bye honey. See you.

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