30 FREE Bikes To Deserving Kids

30 FREE Bikes For Kids This Season

Hey, everybody. We want to make 30 kids so incredibly happy. You see 30 bikes with all the stuff behind me, and what we need from you, so we need 30 deserving kids to give these bikes to. So send us a message or call us and let me know of a deserving kid. We’re gonna do it along with our church and tell me about these bikes.

Well, these were a gift from a generous family in our church, and we’re gonna use them to surprise some kids. You know somebody, if you DM Anne and the whole team, they’re gonna help distribute, be a part of it, but we’re gonna make some kids really smile and laugh, and they’re not gonna forget it. For many of them, it’ll be their first bike, so it’s gonna be great.

It’s gonna be awesome. So send us a message or give us a call if you know somebody.

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