For Sale by Owner vs. For Sale by Realtor

Hey Homeowner! Are you thinking about selling your home and doing it on your own? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners just like you do it all the time. Some successfully and some… well, unfortunately not so successfully. Most For Sale by Owner make the decision to do it themselves because they want to … Continued

Bad Roommate 2

The sequel to our original Bad Roommate video! Brand new sabotages, fights and even hair pulling between two roommates who finally find a solution to their housing problem… but wait there’s more… this time even the neighbors are involved… #badroommate

Are We in a Housing Bubble Right Now in Tacoma?

Are we in a housing bubble right now and is my home going to lose value? Don’t be misinformed! Many times people react based off of emotion due to lack of information, and I am here to help make sure that does not happen. We are still noticing an accelerating percentage of appreciation growth accumulate … Continued

Tacoma Remodel Series: Holly Hedge House

If you are searching the North Tacoma WA 98406 or 98407 areas and would like to SELL or BUY a property here, North Tacoma or Old Town Tacoma, we would love to help! Or maybe you are in need to downsize your home but you don’t know where to start? Here is a page with 9 videos with resources to help you with just that! … Continued